Heart Seer is the poetry and philosophy page of Janey Bee Colbourne, lover of wild plants and nature.

Seen with the heart,
Words burst forth,
Like time lapse blooms

All words and images copyright Jane Colbourne unless otherwise credited. I’m happy for people to share my work, as long as I am given credit, or it is a direct link to my site.

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Photo on 21-10-2014 at 23.11

I am a poet and a philosopher. I also write about health and wellbeing, in both my non-fiction writings and my poetry. Many of my poems express my deep relationship with nature, and with the plants in particular. Some aspects of my writing I consider to be therapeutic through recognition and expression of people’s needs and feelings or through presenting a new, empowering perspective. Healing can be achieved through reconnection with ourselves, our human family and with nature. I seek wisdom, courage and humour in life, and to discover new, deeper and broader consciousness and awareness. For years I have been practising meditation and shamanic journeying as a means to growth. I have a degree in herbal medicine and formerly I worked as a consultant medical herbalist. I have also worked in natural health retail and have training in shamanic healing and breastfeeding peer support. I love most of all to support and inspire people through my writing. I am a neurodiversity advocate, raising awareness and understanding of the diverse ways people think, feel and perceive the world.




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