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Now in print! The full colour paperback is available from Amazon worldwide.

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“See with Heart is a book of poetry and photography by Janey Colbourne. Writing from the heart, and with a deep connection to the natural world, Janey is inspired by nature, human emotions and a strong sense of justice. The poems range from rage, to humour, to visions and inspiration. Through her writing she intends to bring connection and inspiration to people and give a voice to environmental and humanitarian rights. Janey also sees the humour and poetry in mundane, everyday life, with titles such as “Ode to a Coffee Bean”. The poems are accompanied by Janey’s beautiful nature photography. With a background as a musician and DJ, many of her poems are rhythmical, or in the style of Spoken Word poetry. Down to earth but eloquent, this is poetry that speaks even to people who don’t like poetry.”


Growing with gratitude

“Gratitude is a most powerful force for healing. Whether it brings physical healing or not, it can be truly transformative in our lives. This book is the story of a healing journey told in poetic form. Janey shows us how her cultivation of gratitude transforms her experience of disability. Gratitude for the simple things in life carries her through the challenges of chronic illness and helps her to find the courage to face surgery. It is possible to find the source of inner healing, irrespective of the state of our physical health, and we can begin with the daily practice of gratitude. This book is intended to inspire you on your own path. Look around and see the gifts you have. The more you look the more you see, and the more you will create.”

My second poetry book ‘Growing with Gratitude: a poetic journey of healing’ is out now on Amazon, in paperback and Kindle editions.