My New Album ‘Take Your Power Back’

At last I have finished my album ‘Take Your Power Back’, which I have been working on over the past year. It is an album of electronic music with spoken word and song, of various genres and tempos, from dance to ambient. My intention is to create music that’s enjoyable to listen and dance to, whilst also having something worthwhile, outspoken and inspiring to say. The lyrics are an important part of the music and have a pretty strong message, challenging the dominant neoliberal cultural narrative and creating a new narrative of hope, personal empowerment, freedom, community and re-connection with the earth.

It is available to buy as a digital download from my bandcamp site here, either as the full album for £5 or as individual tracks, priced at either 80p or 60p each. Prices are plus VAT. You can listen to all the tracks before purchasing, and if you purchase you can choose unlimited streaming or high quality download. Enjoy!

Listen to my album here


The power of the #poet

The power of the poet:
transforming direct experience into words in such a way
as to capture the essence,
the magic and the truth beyond words,
so that all who read are transported to that experience.

©️Janey Colbourne 2017

Wildlife Rescue a #poem

This poem reflects how I perceive my fellow living beings. As the poem starts it may read as if I am talking about an animal, but all of life strives with intent. We are all ultimately from the same ancestors. We are kin. When we see the world in this way it is profoundly transforming. It gives us a sense of belonging in the world, which naturally leads to a sense of responsibility. This change in perception is a way forward to living in harmony with nature, and a more hopeful future for all of us.

Wildlife Rescue

You called to me,
as I passed you by on the path.
I thought to take you home,
but I was mistaken.
You have no wish
to be a pet, possessed;
your home is here.

You plead with me
to save you from the risk
of trampling feet,
so I lay you by the side,
still clinging to your stick.
I wish you well,
dear lichen.


©️Janey Colbourne 2017

Janey Colbourne

I’m taking part in Papergirl Blackburn this year. Artists of all kinds donate work to be exhibited and then given away to members of the public.


Artist: Janey Colbourne

I am primarily a writer and musician but I’m a very visual thinker with a vivid imagination. I meditate and practise shamanic journeying and I like to walk in the woods and talk to the plants. I sometimes draw pictures of my visions and dreams. My octopus sketch is my attempt to capture the spirit of a dream I had about a baby octopus that wanted to be rescued and taken to the ocean. It was a significant dream that I wanted to share because of the feeling it gave me. This baby octopus is overflowing with unconditional love.

I drew the picture on my iPad with my finger. Although the drawing is very simple I think I have captured the mood of the dream. I awoke with such a lovely feeling that stayed with me, I’d like to pass that feeling on.

I also like to…

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My patreon page is now live!

As promised, today is the day of my patreon launch. I’m very excited to start this new venture. I hope that you would like to join me. Subscriptions start at $1 a month, which is only about 79p! You can cancel anytime if you feel it’s not for you. There’s plenty more information over on my patreon page about what I do, the rewards I’m going to offer and my long-term goals.

“I believe I have something worthwhile, important and highly relevant to share with the world. I wish to speak for the disenfranchised; for more-than-human nature, for those living in poverty, the disabled and those who suffer discrimination. I want to continue to be accessible to those who cannot pay for my work and to share more widely my vision for a better future.”

To find out more, click on the link below:

Take a look at my patreon page: creating a new narrative of hope for nature and culture

Patreon page coming soon


UPDATE: my patreon Page is now live at

I am currently preparing my Patreon page to go live this Thursday 16 November 2017. Patreon is a type of crowdfunding site that enables creators to share their work with subscribers and for subscribers to support creative work that they like. The subscriptions are on a monthly basis.

My first tier of supporters will be called acorns. Acorns will contribute $1 per month to receive exclusive access to my patron-only posts, or previews of work, such as poetry, short articles, seasonal newsletters, book reviews, music, spoken word and so on.

The second tier of supporters will be called seedlings. For $5 a month seedlings will receive all of the above plus occasional extras such as sneak peaks at my current projects, behind-the-scenes, insights into my creative process and thoughts from my journal.

The third tier of supporters, saplings, will receive all of the above plus occasional extra goodies, such as exclusive access to videos, pdf or mp3 downloads, for a contribution of $10 a month.

The fourth tier of supporters, oak trees will receive all of the above plus a signed copy of one of my books for $15 a month.

The fifth tier, mother trees, will receive all of the above plus a signed copy of another of my books for $20 a month.

The signed books will be my two published books of poetry, ‘See with Heart’ and ‘Growing with Gratitude’, which are also available to purchase from Amazon

I’m very excited to be launching this page, which I’m hoping will grow into a like-minded community, where I can connect with my readers. Your support would mean a great deal to me, as it will contribute to enabling me to earn a full time income from my writing. I will of course continue creating my free blog here and continue my other social media posts. My forthcoming Patreon page is an opportunity for those of you who have found this blog worthwhile and interesting to offer support in return, and also will give you access to exclusive posts and behind-the-scenes from me.

I’ll be posting the link here on my blog when we go live on Thursday. Hope to see you there!

Thank you to all my followers. I hope you continue to enjoy my blog.

Best wishes,

Janey Colbourne

© Janey Colbourne 2017 all content and images