This Is Capitalism

We live in a society in which peasants used to be paid in beer,
to keep them happy in their mundane lives,
To numb them from the reality of their poverty and enslavement.
Now we are paid in money,
and are expected to buy our own beer, wine, coffee, cake, toothpaste, perfume
(consumer goods for your satisfaction & distraction)
and this is capitalism.

The illusion of choice for the profit of the few;
Cars, houses, holidays you can spend your life paying for
(consumer lifestyle for satisfaction and distraction).
Advertisements advising on the meaning of our lives:
Do remind us how to fulfill our individuality through purchasing of mass produced goods, sold to the masses.

Do remind us;
Money is the new drug.
This is capitalism:
How you control our lives.

They dazzle your eyes and capitalize on your blindness.
Semantical tactics: Using language to define your reality.
“Consumer goods. Consumerism. We are consumers.”

Money is the new drug.
This is capitalism.
This is a prison.

Semantical tactics: Using language to define your reality.
“Consumer goods. Consumerism. We are consumers.”
The illusion of choice for the profit of the few.
They dazzle your eyes and capitalize on your blindness.

This is capitalism.

Define your reality.


Expanded awareness: being in the present for emotional wellbeing

When I’m feeling stressed, frustrated, tired or even just bored I like to expand my awareness out of myself. I begin by focusing my awareness on my points of contact with the world: the sun or wind on my face, the ground beneath my feet. Then I extend this awareness from my feet into the earth, down deep and also outwards across the curve of the Earth. I am conscious of the vast earth that supports and sustains us all, and of all the beings that live in or on the earth. With practice, this can be achieved in seconds, and can be done anywhere, quietly and discreetly. For me this provides a sense of security and of perspective.
It’s a form of meditation that allows you to still be present and aware of your surrounding circumstances, in fact all the more so, whilst maintaining a greater equilibrium. It can be momentary or more involved; there is no need to complete a process, so it is not an issue if you are interrupted. I would exercise caution when driving or other similar activity.

©Janey Colbourne 2017

A Thank You To Earth Pathways Diary

This year I was for the first time a contributor to Earth Pathways diary. Once again, next year I am honoured to be contributing, not only to the diary but also to their beautiful calendar. 2018 is Earth Pathways 10th anniversary. These diaries are so beautiful I have kept every one I have ever had. The selection of gorgeous artwork, photography, inspiring words and lovely hand drawn and decorated layout by Jaine Rose is a perfect combination. I feel honoured to be a part of it. The Earth Pathways team are a lovely bunch of people, unsurprisingly, and I wish them continuing success. you can find out more about Earth Pathways and their contributors on the Earth Pathways website.

The Seer. Another poem becomes music.

This is one of my earliest poems that I published on social media and is in my first poetry book ‘See with Heart’. I finally got around to putting it to music.

Click here for the original blog post of the poem

Here’s where you can buy the book

© Janey Colbourne 2017
Lyrics © Janey Colbourne 2015

The Song of the Seer

The Song of the Seer

You say I am not this body
I am this body
But I am more than this body
I am Earth
I am the sun
I am sky
I am the universe
I am you and you are me
I am everyone
I am all beings that strive with intent
My body is the door
I need to see it
To know that I can choose
To open it or close it
I am the door

I am fire
I cannot be crushed
For I am the force of life
Manifesting itself
My body is the vessel
I am the vessel
Containing the uncontainable
The mystery
You say I am not this body
I am this body
We are all this body

© Janey Colbourne 2017

You Said Goodbye To Dignity (for all women who have given birth)

This is poem dedicated to all women who have given birth.

You Said Goodbye To Dignity

You thought you’d left your dignity
at the door of the delivery room,
when you felt your body out of control,
when you were swept on a tide of pain,
and you couldn’t hold back your screams,
you thought your dignity was gone.

You said goodbye to your dignity,
with your arse in the air when you crapped yourself
in the face of the midwife,
when you poured with milk
in the supermarket,
the stains upon your shirt, right there.

When you were busted open for all to see,
at the peak of vulnerability,
naked and invaded by strangers,
with your body fluids everywhere,
roaring like a wild beast, begging for release.

There, precisely there, was your greatest,
most courageous, most powerful

© Janey Colbourne 2017