Earth Pathways Diary 2020 and poetry booklets for sale

For the last few years I have been honoured to be a contributing writer to Earth Pathways Diary. The 2020 edition includes one of my poems, overlaid against Lucy Pearce’s beautiful ammonite spiral art. This diary is, every year, such a gorgeous piece of work I have kept every single copy I have owned, and I guarantee you will want to do the same. As well as being a very useful, practical diary, with a weekly view per page, plus a calendar at the back, and including detailed phases of the moon and other astrological information, it is brimming with wise, positive and inspiring words, beautiful artwork and photography, and helpful articles on the seasons and celebrations. It is printed on recycled paper and spiral bound so it is easy to open out flat. As a contributor, I have copies of next year’s diary for sale. The diaries are £14 each plus £3 postage & packing. For two diaries to the same address the postage is £4. If you would like more than two copies to the same address, contact me for a price. They make lovely gifts, and always sell out before the end of the year, so I recommend getting your order in as soon as possible. You can order diaries by using the link below to pay by PayPal. Please confirm your delivery address in the PayPal message box, as I have had issues before with customers who hadn’t realised their addresses were not updated on PayPal. If you have any questions you can contact me via email

Click here and enter amount to pay securely via PayPal Me or go to your PayPal account and pay to

Earth Pathways are a nonprofit cooperative organisation and they have a Seed Fund, which they use to support ethical small business start ups, so when you buy a diary, you are supporting the contributing artists, writers, ethical small businesses, and environmentally conscious initiatives, such as tree planting, as well the continuation of the diary itself.

I also have a few copies of my own poetry booklet ‘Outspoken Words’ for sale, at £2.50 each plus £1.30 postage & packing. As the title suggests, this is quite a fiery, sometimes fierce, outspoken selection of the poems I perform at spoken word events. If you want to purchase a poetry booklet along with your diary order, I can include them in the same parcel at just the diary postage rate. Please state in the PayPal message which items you are ordering.

Click here and enter amount to pay securely via PayPal Me or go to your PayPal account and pay to

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