Truth to Power

Well here’s a sneak peak of something I’ve had under wraps for a while. At the end of June I was a participant in Truth to Power Cafe by Jeremy Goldstein, Jen Heyes and Sarah Hickson of London Artists Project, performing at Hebden Bridge Trades Club (that’s one off my bucket list 🤩)
We were asked to answer the question, ‘Who has power over you and what do you want to say to them?’

Well, in response to that, I wrote Testimony, my longest poem so far. Here is a short extract:

My name is Janey Colbourne, I am poet and seer.
I am here in defence of the disenfranchised.
I speak to those who hold economic power over us,
over people and planet—the profiteering class,

the kings of crass materialism, whose god is wealth,
whose creed is acquisition without limit,
greed above all else, regardless of the consequence.
I say to you, we see you and the game is up.

You shall no longer silence us with weasel words,
as poets and prophets we stand and we are heard,
among the spinners and weavers of a new world.
Not a world red in tooth and claw, survival of the fittest,

but a story built on thriving in symbiosis,
spreading through the web of life, the birth of an alliance.
Evolution is imperative, for balance restoration.
The earth demands you pay your dues,

If you would like to hear me passionately throwing myself into the entire poem, get yourself to Vinyl Tap, Preston this Sunday 14th June 7.30 pm for ‘Truth to Power’ poetry/rap night (coincidentally and serendipitously of almost the same name, but not the same event), where myself and Phil McNulty will be supporting the talented Richy Integer.
Facebook event page Truth to Power with Richy Integer

Speaking truth to power is definitely my thing!

If you are feeling the urge to do the same, the Truth to Power Cafe is on tour around the north of the UK at the moment, and anyone can apply to participate. You don’t need to be an experienced performer. London Artists Project are a very nurturing group who support the participants and make everyone feel safe to express themselves. Have a look at their website for details.

©️Janey Colbourne 2019

NB Just to clarify, Truth to Power Cafe has a different variety of participants at each venue, which gives lots of people the opportunity, so you can apply to take part at the venue nearest you. Participants don’t go on tour, although you can apply to participate more than once if you wish.

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