Not For Snowflakes

This one is not for ‘snowflakes’. It’s for the people who like to call them that.

Strong words in this poem because I’m turning the tables on people who usually speak like this about others. I’ve noticed it’s a certain demographic of people that use the term ‘snowflake’ as an insult, usually when they’re desperately trying to prop up their own privilege and justify their prejudice. I’m calling them out here for their hypocrisy. 

NB. ‘snowflake’ is an insult intended to imply someone is too easily offended, or too soft.

Not For Snowflakes 

go ahead take the piss
those fucking snowflakes 
soft as shit
they don’t know they’re born
granddad lived through two world wars
his legs blown off
so that’s the yardstick we must set
to rule on all our needs
or rather it’s for you to judge 
and measure other people by 
for magically you are exempt
entitled as you are to whine 
that every small concession 
for the vulnerable or needy
all requests for thoughtfulness 
are far too much to contemplate
it must be hard to be so hard
you hurl abuse from your high horse
of righteousness and disregard
tantrum in your high chair
your booster seat of privilege
it’s way past time for you take 
a taste of your own medicine
so swallow boys I want to watch 
you gag on bitterness 
you white male wanker
special fucking snowflakes

©️Janey Colbourne 2018

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