The Seer. Another poem becomes music.

This is one of my earliest poems that I published on social media and is in my first poetry book ‘See with Heart’. I finally got around to putting it to music.

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© Janey Colbourne 2017
Lyrics © Janey Colbourne 2015


The People

There are people who forget
that the people
is made up of people,
that community
is a communion,
which means
‘coming together’

There are people who forget
that an ideology
is not an entity
to be subject to,
comes first.

© Janey Colbourne 2017

The Song of the Seer

The Song of the Seer

You say I am not this body
I am this body
But I am more than this body
I am Earth
I am the sun
I am sky
I am the universe
I am you and you are me
I am everyone
I am all beings that strive with intent
My body is the door
I need to see it
To know that I can choose
To open it or close it
I am the door

I am fire
I cannot be crushed
For I am the force of life
Manifesting itself
My body is the vessel
I am the vessel
Containing the uncontainable
The mystery
You say I am not this body
I am this body
We are all this body

© Janey Colbourne 2017

You Said Goodbye To Dignity (for all women who have given birth)

This is poem dedicated to all women who have given birth.

You Said Goodbye To Dignity

You thought you’d left your dignity
at the door of the delivery room,
when you felt your body out of control,
when you were swept on a tide of pain,
and you couldn’t hold back your screams,
you thought your dignity was gone.

You said goodbye to your dignity,
with your arse in the air when you crapped yourself
in the face of the midwife,
when you poured with milk
in the supermarket,
the stains upon your shirt, right there.

When you were busted open for all to see,
at the peak of vulnerability,
naked and invaded by strangers,
with your body fluids everywhere,
roaring like a wild beast, begging for release.

There, precisely there, was your greatest,
most courageous, most powerful

© Janey Colbourne 2017