Below the Skin

Below the skin

Red is my blood,
green is your sap.
Yet below the skin,
we are kin.
breathing each other in,

The iron that dwells
In the heart of her
The iron that flows
In my veins
Are one and the same

The heart of Suns
In the wood
And the cell
I am ocean
but for a membrane

When I die,
And the ocean leaves my body,
My spirit returns to the sea.
I am ocean but for a membrane.
The part of me that is earth,
My bones I will leave behind.
Under the skin, we are kin.

© Janey Colbourne 2017 all content
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Bones of the Crone. A Poem.

Lightning struck tree

Bones of the crone,
a withered hand;
the hand of the hag
is reaching,
knarled and whitened
with age.
Long toil these hands
have known,
and pain.

Sun scorched,
curving tortuosity,
frozen gesture
reaching for the sky.
Where lightning struck
once long ago,
now bones

© Janey Colbourne 2016

Wax It. A poem.

wax it

Here’s a poem I wrote as spoken word, which I also put to music. If you’d like to have a listen, here’s the YouTube link.

Wax It.

Wax it
Pluck it
Shave it
Shape it
Sugar it
Prune it
Slice it off!

Colour it
Cream it
Paste it
Peel it
Hurt it
hate it
Not good enough!

Cherish it
Know it
Like it
Love it
Accept it
It’s you
You ARE good enough.

© Janey Colbourne 2017

A Message for Girls

Girls, when you are finding your feet in this world, on the cusp of being an adult and looking for ways to show it, you have no idea how beautiful you all are, in your individuality. Don’t let the world tell you how you need to change; remove hair here, paint it in there. Do not judge each other harshly. What is most beautiful is your soul shining through, expressed in your unique shapes and gestures, the sparkle in your eyes, and your fresh faced youth. No need to hide behind a mask. Beauty is greatest in self acceptance, for then our souls truly inhabit our bodies and make us glow with life. This is not just platitudes, it is truth. Enjoy who you are now, for youth does not last. Our bodies stop growing, but if we allow it, our spirits just keep on expanding.

© Janey Colbourne 2017