A FREE PDF BOOK Growing with Gratitude #freebook #gratitude #healing

Growing with gratitude

I would like to offer my readers a FREE PDF DOWNLOAD of my second book ‘Growing with Gratitude: a poetic journey of healing’.

Growing with Gratitude is the story of my healing journey, in the form of poems I wrote along the way. It begins in a place of despair and gradually I find reasons for hope and gratitude. I hope that it may help anyone else who has experience of struggling with serious illness or disability to find hope and discover their own reasons to be positive. It is possible to find the source of inner healing, irrespective of the state of our physical health. Creative expression in any form can be highly therapeutic, so I encourage you to put pen to paper, put aside any judgements or worries about how ‘good’ it may be, and write for your own benefit.

The most powerful positive force through this period of my life has been the cultivation of gratitude. Gratitude for the wonderful people in my life, for nature and the Earth that sustains us, for the medical and healing treatments, and for the simplest things in everyday life. Look around and see the gifts you have. The more you look the more you see, and the more you will create.

With Gratitude to all beings who have inspired and supported me.

Janey Colbourne 2016



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