I have a relationship with books


I have a living relationship with my books. They are not museum pieces. I underline, write notes, fold the corners of pages, fill them with a forest of post-it notes and improvised bookmarks, without hesitation or apology; they are my friends and my colleagues. I am unlikely to part with them until I die.

© Janey Colbourne 2016

The book in the photograph is ‘The Lost Language of Plants’ by Stephen Harrod Buhner, published by Chelsea Green 2002


We do not give orders, or do as we’re told.

big sky

A quote from my next book ‘Waking Up To Gaia’:
“We do not give orders or do as we’re told. We don’t need to. When we see the world rightly, the motivation comes from within.”

© Janey Colbourne 2016

Object Thinking

“When object thinking becomes part of us, it can imbue us with a subtle but pervasive sense of alienation and distance to the world. It can give us false hopes that the solutions to complex problems can simply be implemented and everything will get better. Of course we are not object thinkers all the time, but we are very good in day-to-day life in using object thinking to compartmentalize: We may treat our pet dog as a precious ensouled creature at home and carry out animal experiments in the lab. In many ways it is almost impossible to navigate in our world today without exercising some kind of compartmentalization.”

Craig Holdrege
in ‘Thinking like a Plant: a living science for life’

My new book ‘Growing with Gratitude: a poetic journey of healing’

At last my new book is out! ‘Growing with Gratitude: a poetic journey of healing’ is available in paperback from Amazon.

Growing with gratitude

Gratitude is a most powerful force for healing. Whether it brings physical healing or not, it can be truly transformative in our lives. This book is the story of a healing journey told in poetic form. Janey shows us how her cultivation of gratitude transforms her experience of disability. Gratitude for the simple things in life carries her through the challenges of chronic illness and helps her to find the courage to face surgery. It is possible to find the source of inner healing, irrespective of the state of our physical health, and we can begin with the daily practice of gratitude. This book is intended to inspire you on your own path. Look around and see the gifts you have. The more you look the more you see, and the more you will create.

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All words and images © Janey Colbourne 2016