Hawthorn Flowers At Last

Hawthorn in flower

Here’s a poem about hawthorn from my book ‘See with Heart’. Traditionally said to indicate the start of summer, hawthorn, also known as may blossom, is flowering quite late here this year.

Hawthorn Tree

Twisted spine
Ancient wise
The sap does rise
Strong being fine
Does realise
Before my eyes
Ancestral line
The heart that cries
Is healed

© Janey Colbourne 2015

My book review of ‘Ancient and Epic Tales from Around the World’ by Heather Forest

Ancient and epic tales

Ancient and Epic Tales from around the world by Heather Forest

This a beautifully written book of epic tales from around the world. Some, including Aesop’s Fables, or Sir Gawain and the Green Knight were familiar to me, but there were several that were new to me, such as Mwindo’s journey, an African tale. It is a pleasure reread the familiar tales as well as the new. The tales are timeless in the sense that they are still relevant today, touching on life’s lessons in an engaging and vibrant way. The stories are evocatively retold in an accessible style, equally enjoyable for adult or older child. I like to collect tales of wisdom and this is certainly one worth having on the shelf.

Janey Colbourne 2016