To my parathyroid

It is possible to find meaning and value in every life experience, depending on how you approach it. Here is a poem I wrote before my recent surgery. Sometimes in having to adapt to difficulties we can turn onto a new path in life with a renewed sense of purpose. The stones in the stream shape the way we manifest our lives and talents.

A tiny gland
Like a grain of rice
But you have changed my life
With awesome power
You did transform
My body and
My mind

Your messages
I did not hear
You grew so you could shout
Pea size now
But you’re the boss
I hear you now
For sure

A gift you gave
The lessons learned
Although it did seem harsh
You opened up new
Worlds in me
And strangely it
Felt right

You will destroy me
In the end
So I must say goodbye
It’s hard to part
Before you go
My gratitude
I show

© Janey Colbourne 2015


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