Baby blue eyes you once had
When first you gazed on me
Little eyes darting around

Utter awe
Both of us
You so new
Dropped through

A soft little hand
Pawing me
To make my milk

Tiny creature so helpless
With powerful latch so fierce
For survival

I hear your every breath
The stops and starts
My own breath held
Till yours begins again

Little frog legs
in the baby bath
Wobbly new mama’s hands
Will not let go

Awesome girl
So bright
So kind
And fun

Sing together harmony
Say the same thing
Make the same sound
So often
Like psychic twins
Jinx one two three

Ten years full on
Intense immense
Life changing
Heart opening

Love like
No other

© Jane Colbourne 2015


She Rages


She will not be crushed

She will not be made to fit your mould

You think you can force my flesh my blood my soul

Always we rise up we rise up
The earth demands it
Let us not be a cancer on the earth

White hot rage
Blinded by media
Wake up

Grasp the vision
People have hope
Back to the bone

Touched by gods

Come on people
Don’t be scared
We could all live like this
Break free from the cage of lies

Cheap dreams
Sold as lies
Buy the bundle
Bye bye

Yeah so I’m weird
No longer care (give a shit)
Can’t hide it anyway
Streams though the cracks
Of my armour of lies
Be wholly me
Be holy yourself

Open up

This isn’t a poem
It’s a song
This isn’t a song
It’s a scream
A scream of rage and passion and love
Of visions and dreams and ecstasy

Yes i get it
Damn right
This is our birthright
How we are when we’re born
How we are when we die

The journey between
We transform

Modern and ancient fused together in my soul
What we could do with this power
This force of nature in our human form

Hiding no longer
Be unashamed

Be you
You are divine

© Jane Colbourne 2015